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Our recreational programs are designed with a  uniquely holistic approach to the learning of classical ballet.  In addition to a strong foundation in classical ballet vocabulary, students learn about the art form as a whole, including repertoire, choreography and appreciation.

Classical Ballet Academy Singapore
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This pre-ballet program is uniquely crafted for children aged 2-5 yrs. The activities are curated to to develop the vestibular and proprioceptive systems in pre- schoolers. A well functioning vestibular and proprioceptive system lays the foundations for young children to transit into more complex movements required in classical ballet training.  The program is developed by our founders, with over 15 years of experience in teaching preschool dance. 

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Ballet school performance
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Our training program is designed to provide students from 6 to 18yrs,  with a progressive learning pathway, appreciating the need for students to develop their knowledge and ability in ballet more broadly than learning a set syllabus.  Our programme will suit students who prioritise the need for a holistic dance training. who value innovation, versatility and diversity; and  appreciate the need for highly-trained teachers with pedagogical study implicit in classical ballet training.

Program Structure

The recreational training program consists of six training levels,  levels 1-3  for primary school age students and 4-6 for secondary school age students.  Each level has recommended age groups and associated guided learning hours. 

The programme is based on providing high quality training and not on student examination. 

Age & Levels

Level 1   6-7yrs

Level 2   8-9yrs

Level 3   10-11yrs

Level 4   12- 13yrs

Level 5   14-15yrs

Level 6   16-18yrs

Age and levels are a guideline only, students will need to take a placement class to determine their suitability for the level.

Program Content

Our training Program content is based on a  Model for Optimal Performance. With the aim of providing a holistic approach to students ballet education, each level will contain both movement and contextual studies.

Movement studies

Foundation  movement

Generic movement skills

Qualitative movement

Ballet technique and vocabulary. 

 Contextual studies



Creative tasks

Art form appreciation.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciation of the process approach to learning

  • A  passion and knowledge of the art form as a whole

  • A strong foundation in ballet technique and generic movement skills

  • Proficiency in movement ability and coordination

  • A musical sensitivity

  • A heightened performance quality

  • The ability to be  spontaneous and willing to take risks

  • Social confidence through the ability to work autonomously and

    within a group

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Adult Ballet Singpore
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Our adult ballet provides an avenue for our  students to continue to develop their love and knowledge of the art form.  Our adult ballet program is suitable for students 18 yrs and above.  Performance opportunities are offered to all adult ballet students.

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